Laser-Grader has a number of applications in construction

Laser-Grader Applications

With it's small footprint and unparalleled accuracy, the Laser-Grader is used for a variety of applications where larger and less accurate pieces of machinery just won't do. If you build or maintain any of the facilities listed below, the Laser-Grader can help you to achieve better results with jobs that go much faster and more profitably with less manpower and less material.

Laser Grading for Building Construction Projects


Laser Grader for concrete floor & pad preparation

The Laser-Grader® was designed with the building slab in mind. Typically, when commercial buildings are constructed, the site work is started, but the steel walls and roof often seem to move a little faster than the preparation of the sub-grade, resulting in limited access for a larger motor grader to get inside the building.

The Laser-Grader® will fine grade to +/- 1/8" accuracy when using 3/4 processed material (or smaller), making it one of the most accurate finishing tools on the market today. This tolerance will not only result in uniformity throughout the concrete pour, but will also save on the concrete.

Laser Grading for Sports & Athletic Facilities


Laser Grader for sports & athletic field construction

The Laser-Grader® is used for renovations and new construction of both synthetic and natural grass sports fields throughout the country at levels ranging from high school to professional sports team venues. The Laser-Grader® is suitable for a variety of different playing fields including soccer, football, lacrosse, baseball and bowling greens.

The Laser-Grader® is often used to prepare the subsurface prior to laying sod, and to prepare the aggregate base and fines prior to rolling out synthetic carpet. This state of the art combination will accurately finish your field to the desired pitch or pitches and create a smooth, attractive playing surface.


Laser Grader for equestrian arena construction

Equestrian arenas and riding rings require precise finish grading to ensure separation between the footing and the subsurface material. The Laser-Grader® can be set to grade each layer of the desired plane or planes in the arena. If the plans call for a uniform 2 or 3 inches of material, the transmitter can be raised to ensure the exact slopes will be maintained, as wtell as the exact desired amount of material in between the footing and the base.

The Laser-Grader® is also ideal for contractors who provide arena maintenance and fine grading services. Over time a great deal of the footing is pushed to the outside of the arena exposing the base material and disrupting the drainage achieved by the precise slope at the site. The Laser-Grader® is regularly used for routine grading maintenance of both indoor and outdoor riding arenas.


Laser Grader for ice rinks, sports & athletic field construction

The Laser-Grader® can be used for both sand and concrete ice rinks. When ice rinks are being constructed it is very important that the fine grading is precise. If the rink is not perfectly level the ice will be thicker in some places, causing hard and/or soft spots in the ice and making it extremely hard to maintain the proper ice conditions for hockey or figure skating.

The Laser-Grader® can consistently accomplish close tolerance grading to +/- 1/8". Whether it is the sand over the heating pipes or the sand over the freezing pipes, the Laser-Grader® will grade to the same strict tolerance. Because the Laser-Grader® weights only 3,300 pounds, it will not damage the plumbing used to maintain the ice surfaces.


Laser Grader for construction of tennis courts and tracks

The Laser-Grader® is ideal for close tolerance grading, which makes it the right technology for grading all of the layers for clay, fast-dry, and asphalt tennis courts. Clay and fast-dry courts must have the gravel base as precise as possible so the following layers of stone dust and fast-dry will each have a uniform depth.

Running tracks can benefit from laser-grading in the same way. A properly laser-graded sub-surface will enable the paver to put down an even layer of asphalt that will reduce the chance of cracks, puddles and wavy lane lines. The smoother and more uniform the surface of the tennis court or track, the less chance of injury to the athletes.

Expect accurate results no matter how you use the Laser-Grader...

Conventional Laser

The Laser-Grader uses 2 receivers to follow a laser signal

  • Finish grading
  • Building pads
  • Sports field construction
  • Ice rink construction
  • Equestrian arena construction & maintenance
  • Tennis court construction & maintenance
  • Driveways
  • Large golf tees
  • Housing pads
  • Material balancing

Sonic Tracing

Follows a string line, curb or existing grade

  • Sidewalk preparation
  • Slip form curb preparation
  • Curb, gutter or stringt line tracing
  • Existing elevation or previous pass tracing
  • Driveways
  • Golf cart paths

Is accuracy a requirement
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