Laser Grading equipment from Laser-Grader MFG

Save Time and Money with Grading Equipment from Laser Grader

The Laser-Grader offers an unusual blend of grading accuracy, versatility and production capability. In addition to achieving a uniform surface, the Laser-Grader will also increase productivity, improve material yields and reduce your overall operating costs. If accuracy is a requirement in your line of work, the Laser-Grader, equipped with an automated grade Control Package, has no equal.

Powerful, easily manueverable grading from Laser-Grader

Powerful, Yet Easily Manuverable

The Laser-Grader is a manually driven, diesel powered compact grader that steers conventionally, and articulates to turn in as little as a 9 foot (outside) turning radius. It's hydrostatic transmission and six wheel drive system combine for maximum pushing power at slower travel speeds making the Laser-Grader well suited for close grading around columns, footings and utility roughs.

Laser Grader is accurate over large areas

Accurate Grading Over Large Areas

When working with material sized of 3/4" or smaller, the Laser-Grader is accurate to +/- 1/8". In open areas such as synthetic or natural grass playing fields, the Laser-Grader can easily finish grade in excess of 50,000 square feet per day.

Laser Grader out-performs larger machines

Big Performance from a Small Machine

The Laser-Grader weighs 3400lbs, eliminating the uneven compaction typically created by the wheels of heavier equipment, and making transporting the machine much easier than that of a larger machine. Plus, the Laser-Grader fits through a 5-foot opening, making it suitable for operation inside framed structures.

Laser Grader Specifications


  • Overall Length (to pusher blade)


  • Overall Width (excluding blades)


  • Overall Height (top of roll bar)


  • Front pusher blade width


  • Moldboard Width


  • Moldboard Height


  • Weight

    3400 lbs.

  • Infinitely Variable Speed

    1-10 mph

  • Engine: Kubota Diesel D1105
    (Liquid cooled 61 cubic inch)

    3 Cyl. / 25 hp

  • Outside Turning Radius

    9 ft.

  • Inside Turning Radius

    5 ft.


  • Increased Productivity - less surveying, staking and grade checking
  • Lower Costs - Machine control gets the job done right the first time
  • Faster, more efficient completion of jobs
  • Improved material yields
  • Easily transported from job to job
  • Gain a competitive advantage over your competition
  • Reduce manual labor costs
  • Finish grade withint 1/8" accuracy


  • 6 wheel drive via hydraulic wheel motors
  • Fully articulated design
  • 5ft inside & 9ft outside turning radius
  • Moldboard rotation, shide shift and lift
  • Diesel powered
  • Hydrostatic Transmission
  • Power steering
  • ROPS certified roll bar
  • Adjustable bucket seat
  • Flame cut walking arms provide stability
  • Neutral safety switch ignition
  • Front pusher blade

Is accuracy a requirement
in your work?

The Laser-Grader, equipped with an automated grade Control Package, has no equal.

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